Where It Began – Ann Redisch Stampler

This is one of those books where the protagonist wakes up after a car crash with amnesia and has to figure out what happened. Except in this case, she’s in denial about what actually happened the night of the crash even as the clues pile up. It’s psychologically interesting, if predictable. I loved Gabby’s voice and her passion for art as well as her realistic, frightening low self-esteem and the whole plotline about her “drinking problem,” which has several twists. Very well-done.

Sigh that the Indian girl is the one with caricature-like uber-strict parents, although to be fair Gabby’s other friend is a white born-again Christian with the same problem. I really liked the depiction of the stupid, frustratingly dense, but sweet and basically moral Andi and the driven Huey, who finally reveals the brutal truth to Gabby.

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