Upcoming novel about the Women’s Battalion of Death

I wasn’t a huge fan of Amber Lough’s debut novel The Fire Wish, a Middle Eastern-set fantasy novel which I found pedestrian. However, in interviews, she’s revealed the topic of an upcoming book, and it couldn’t be more fascinating.

Though they’re less famous than their WWII sisters, a number of Russian women fought in WWI under the Provisional Government (the government that came after the revolution but before the Bolsheviks). They even had their own units, including the above mentioned Women’s Battalion of Death (“of death” meaning they had sworn not to surrender).

The first woman to serve in the Russian armed forces was Maria Bochkareva, whose story you can read about here.

Anyway, Amber Lough is writing a novel about the female soldiers of WWI Russia. She’s a vet herself, which raises my expectations for the book.

Can’t wait to find out title, release date, etc.

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