I have lots of good news to share!

During this trying time with the epidemic, Jo Walton, Lauren Schiller, and I have organized a project to share free stories for the entertainment of those stuck at home. We have a great lineup of authors (Daniel Abraham, Mike Allen, Leah Bobet, Pamela Dean, Max Gladstone, Rosemary Kirstein, Naomi Kritzer, Marissa Lingen, Usman Malik, Ada Palmer, Laurie Penny, Ellen Kushner, and more!), and while all stories will be free, any funds raised on the Patreon will go to pay the authors and to Cittadini del Mondo, an Italian charity helping asylum seekers.

Check it out here, the first story is by Jo herself!

Also, my poem “Creon’s Apology” will be appearing in Liminality, as I just found out today!

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