Chiara in the Dark

cover of Chiara in the Dark

Chiara is gliding through her senior year with ease, with a great babysitting job, a loyal best friend, a loving Indian-Italian immigrant family, and a shot at the summer ice-skating camp of her dreams. Then, out of nowhere, she starts having violent and unwanted thoughts and obsessions. The thoughts won’t leave Chiara alone, making her wonder if she’s a bad, violent person. Chiara decides to get help through therapy, but the idea of talking about her disturbing thoughts out loud is unthinkable. As Chiara opens up to therapy, she sees a glimmer of hope that she can have her life back. But her dark thoughts lie just beneath the surface, threatening to take it all away.

This YA novel in verse is a hi-lo book designed for teenagers who need an easier reading level but topics that appeal to their age group. It was published by West 44 in April 2022 and can be ordered from the publisher here. It is not currently available on Amazon, but can be bought on here.

Kirkus, starred review: “As readers follow Chiara’s story, which is narrated in clear, direct, first-person poems, they will be heartened to discover that treatment options are out there, and they will be rooting for her as she learns to manage her illness… A sympathetic and ultimately hopeful story of strength.”

Interview about the book here