Chiara in the Dark, from West 44 Books (2022)

•  starred review from Kirkus

Stranger on the Home Front: A Story of Indian Immigrants and World War I, from Jolly Fish Press (2021)

series books as Anita Storey:
The Eastside Extra: Why Is Our Lake Off-Limits?, Jolly Fish Press (2022)

The Eastside Extra: Public Funding, Public Decisions, Jolly Fish Press (2022)

Short Stories:

The Anchoress, at Shoreline of Infinity (2021)

Mutability, in the anthology Upon a Once Time (2020)

The Plague-House, reprint, at PodCastle (2020)

The Maelstrom, in the anthology 20,000 Leagues Remembered (2020)

Lethe, at Daily Science Fiction (2020)

The Ship of State, at Project Decameron (2020)

Breaking, at Cast of Wonders (2019)

•  A Staff Pick at Cast of Wonders
•  A Must-Read at
•  Third prize in the Parsec Ink 2017 short story contest

The Plague-House, at Anathema: Spec from the Margins (2018)


Walking on Knives, from Less Than Three Press (2017, out of print)


The Plutocracy, at The Deadlands (2021)

The Gifts They Gave While Beauty Slept, at Sycorax Journal (2021)

Naked I Shall Return To It, at Liminality (2021)

Owl Prowl, at Reckoning (2021)

Creon’s Apology, at Liminality (2020)

when you get your daughter back, at Kaleidotrope (2020)

The City That Changed Hands, at Strange Horizons (2019)

nominated for the 2020 Rhysling Award and reprinted in the 2020 Rhysling Anthology
reprinted in Wintermute Lit (2020)

her heart upon her sleeve for daws to peck at, at Plainsongs (2019)

the sorcerer’s price, at Sycorax Journal (2019)

Phaedra in Hades, at Liminality (2019)

not a tame lion, at Timeless Tales (2019)

recipe for a void, at Mezzo Cammin (2019)

The Minotaur’s Sister, at Mezzo Cammin (2019)

Swansong: a theory of poetry, at Through the Gate (2019)

Things to Do When You Believe You Have Been Cursed: A Checklist, at Anathema: Spec from the Margins (2019)

the siege inside, at Abyss & Apex (2018)

After Pandora, at Mythic Delirium (2018)

Notes of a Rebel Princess to Herself, at Star*Line (2018)

Singers of the Deep, at The Cascadia Subduction Zone, Volume 8, Issue 1 (2018)

Elektra to Antigone, at Liminality (2017)

Sita, Leaving, at Through the Gate (2016)


Today Is A Different War by Lyudmyla Khersonska, co-translated with Olga Livshin, Andrew Janco, and Lev Fridman, forthcoming from Arrowsmith Press (2023)

Two Poems by Ludmila Khersonsky, at The White Review (2022)

Poem by Ludmila Khersonsky, at Poetry Travels on European Literature Network (2022)

Meduza news article by Dmitry Kuznets “Monitoring for middlemen” (2021)

Meduza interview by Svetlana Reiter “We’re in the business of saving lives, get it? (2020)

Meduza interview by Evgeny Feldman “It changed when the brutality began: ‘Meduza’ correspondent Maxim Solopov describes his arrest and detention in Belarus” (2020)

Meduza news article “Russian police admit they published photos with no connection to Ivan Golunov while accusing him of dealing drugs” (2019)

Meduza news article by Yekaterina Drankina “How journalists and activists got prison time for drug charges,” translated with Hilah Kohen (2019)

Meduza news article by Ivan Golunov “The penthouse family” (2019)

Fortune by Marina Tsvetaeva, in Cardinal Points, Volume 8, print and digital (2018)


“Logic Alone, All Love Laid By: Returning to Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon,” at Los Angeles Review of Books (2019)

“The Dead Against the Living: On Hilary Mantel’s The Mirror & the Light at Los Angeles Review of Books (2020)