List of donation links related to the invasion of Ukraine

(Note: I am not Ukrainian. I have verified these to the best of my ability. Mix of Ukrainian and international orgs. This list is being continually updated. Inclusion of an org is not an endorsement of all their activities or positions but rather indicates that I believe they are working on the ground right now.)

UPDATE: The official ways to donate to Ukrainian government funds (the ones on, including the separate funds for humanitarian and military aid, are now on a single website which includes credit card options:

General Humanitarian:

The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a fundraising account run by the Ministry of Social Policy for those affected by the war.

Emergency Response/Medical:

Ukrainian Red Cross–The donation page is in Ukrainian hryvnias, not dollars

The following organizations are coordinating together: Razom, Nova Ukraine, United Help Ukraine, Revived Soldiers Ukraine, Sunflower of Peace, and Euromaidan-Warszava.

Food Aid:


Zaborona Media ( fund for various journalistic needs here:
Kyiv Independent:


The US portal to donate specifically for refugees from this war to UNHCR, the UN refugee commission. There may be a different fund for it in your country:

HIAS is supporting Right to Protections, their partner org in Ukraine:

Letjaha, activist collective in Poland driving people from the border and finding housing. Newer but seems to be doing good work.

For those in Ireland to pledge rooms and housing:

For those in the UK to offer housing and sponsor visas for a family:

Defense/army related funds:

The Ukrainian Army’s crowdfunding bank account [in Ukrainian, instructions are in English]:

Return Alive fund which “provide[s] material and technical assistance to the Armed Force”

LGBT Military is an org of queer soldiers and veterans started in 2018. Their website is here with donation details on their Facebook page.

Jewish Community:

Hesed Ukraine:
The Jewish Federation has a Ukraine-specific fund:

Queer/LGBTQ+ Community:

To help queer refugees and those in Ukraine:

To donate via QUA to Fulcrum, an organization on the ground in Lviv, select the “Direct Help LGBTQ in Ukraine” here.

Disabled Community:

Fight for Right is a Ukrainian NGO that supports people with disabilities and has provided evacuation services for 90 disabled Ukrainians and their loved ones as of March 15th.



Ukrainian Volunteer Service coordinates volunteers within Ukraine. They assist civilians and soldiers both, with “special attention to helping elderly and disabled people” according to a friend who has seen them in action.

Additional note on how to help antiwar protesters in Russia:
While Ukrainians are suffering most right now, the repression of antiwar protesters in Russia is scary. The OVD Info organization has been supporting protesters in Russia with legal aid since 2011. Donate to help Ukraine first, but you can also donate to OVD Info’s efforts here: